The Future of AI – radio interview

I gave a radio interview yesterday for Radio New Zealand’s National Programme on the Future of AI, which particularly focused on the ethical implications of AI. You can listen to the interview here.

from The Universal Machine


Just because you can…

New technology often has unexpected uses. When the laser was invented nobody had any what possible use it could be and now they are ubiquitous, from light shows to DVD players and surveying. Similarly, the 3D printer is discovering new uses. Here’s a daft one; printing a photo of your face onto the top of your coffee (thanks Bob).

from The Universal Machine

The jobs are gone and they aren’t coming back

An interesting article published recently in The Guardian titled: The robot debate is over: the jobs are gone and they aren’t coming back puts forward a clear argument that in the next 20 years many many jobs will be lost to automation. They’re not just talking about manufacturing jobs and driving they also mean professional jobs like accountancy and the law. Society needs to address this issue with increasing urgency.

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