You Pay to Read Research You Fund. That’s Ludicrous

Wired has recently run a piece titled You Pay to Read Research You Fund. That’s Ludicrous. I’ve blogged about this before and I know that it’s a subject that many of my colleagues are concerned about. Really you’d think that a bunch of smart people (aren’t academics supposed to be smart) would come up with a better solution. Back in the days when scientific journals had to be printed and posted out to institutions and subscribers it made sense to let publishers do this, and they deservered to be paid for their service. Now that all journals are available online paying publishers to do this is crazy.

from The Universal Machine

About driwatson
I'm a New Zealand author, computer scientist and blogger specialising in Artificial Intelligence. I also have an interest in the history of computing and have just written a popular science book called "The Universal Machine - from the dawn of computing to digital consciousness."

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