The #Turing Festival Edinburgh

in case you’re wondering why the number, but hopefully not the quality, of posts has recently declined it’s because I’m at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh. The first day I attended a fascinating program of talks by current and ex CERN employees. It really brought home how vital computers are in their work. The amount of data they capture from the LHC is staggering.
In the afternoon Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, gave an excellent keynote. At dinner I gave the after dinner speech and proposed the toast: “To Alan Turing.” My speech seemed well received.

from The Universal Machine

About driwatson
I'm a New Zealand author, computer scientist and blogger specialising in Artificial Intelligence. I also have an interest in the history of computing and have just written a popular science book called "The Universal Machine - from the dawn of computing to digital consciousness."

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